Mission Statement

Provide leadership to the people of Chesapeake in the areas of civil, moral, social, political, and religious matters. To collaboratively promote public interest in the areas of need and development, as they pertain to the young people and families of our great city.



Chesapeake Men for Progress was founded in 1963 by a group of community leaders driven by a desire to see the "new city" reach its full potential. The City of Chesapeake had just formed by virtue of the merger with Norfolk County and the City of South Norfolk. It was evident to many that if Chesapeake were to grow into a thriving, vibrant, inclusive city, it would need to embrace the ideas of the African-American community. Hence, Chesapeake Men for Progress was founded.

The organization has always been instrumental in getting African-Americans appointed to major boards and commissions, providing scholarships, providing mentoring services for youth, and positively influencing the political climate in Chesapeake. With the help of The Chesapeake Men for Progress, Chesapeake's first two African-Americans, W. P. Clark and Dr. Hugo A. Owens started their terms as elected city councilmen on January 13, 1970. Since then, other memgers of the organization have been fortunate to follow. Many members have served as members of the city council, school board, and various board and commissions, and have even had a street and school named in their honor.

In 2005, the reorganization took place, but the mission remained the same.