We are the newly reorganized Chesapeake Men for Progress (NCMP, 1508 Sam's Circle Ste B-145, Chesapeake VA 23320). Our mission and vision has remained the same, but our scope has broadened to include programs and services.

Purpose and Vision

Our vision is to improve the quality of life for individuals and to provide input through political action to assist the city in reaching its full potential. In addition to social and political initiatives, we are playing a major role in influencing the education of Black male youth through a variety of programs.

Both scholarships and mentoring services are provided to Black male youth at the elementary and secondary levels as well as providing school supplies to students who cannot afford them. Adult services and programs such as jail ministry, parent education seminars, and financial empowerment seminars assist adults in improving their understanding of issues affecting their well-being.

What can you do?

Please consider joining New Chesapeake Men for Progress. As individuals coming together, we can work to improve our community. By joining, you will directly support programs and initiatives designed to help individuals within our community. We encourage you to take advantage of opportunities to financially support programs such as those that fund scholarships, mentoring, and provide school supplies. Individuals can support our mission by purchasing tickets to programs and events, which we sponsor. Finally, consider sponsoring a youth.

Corporations, churches, and community organizations contributions are welcome. Your organization can become a sponsor of a program or initiative. Include us as part of your annual giving program. Keep in mind that 98% of all funds will be used to support scholarships, mentoring, and school supply programs for disadvantaged Chesapeake students.

Since reorganization (2005), The New Chesapeake Men for Progress has contributed more than $15,000 in scholarships, mentoring, and school supplies to Chesapeake students.