Membership Requirements

View and print a New Chesapeake Men for Progress Membership Application

View and print an Education Foundation Membership Application

Membership is open to any qualified voter of the Hampton Roads area, who has a record of community service in civic, church, or any social organizations.

Membership is a privilege and is contingent on compliance with the requirements as specified in NCMP By-laws.

Application for membership must be completed with the endorsement of three active members, or membership may be granted upon invitation and endorsement of any member of the organization if approved by the majority of the members present.

Retention of membership is contingent upon becoming a registered voter.

Membership is noted by the paying of dues in the amount of $100.00 per year.

Paid up members are eligible to hold offices, serve on any elected or appointed committees , and have a voice in all matters which affect the organization. Each member is entitled to one vote.